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Landlord Rescue Program

With the cost of an eviction at an extremely high rate, Empire Property Management Group has come up with a solution to further protect unexpected costs incurred in removing a tenant from a home.

If an eviction becomes necessary at your property, Empire will cover all costs incurred in removing a tenant from your home for $10 a month which comes out to .33 cents per day. Without such coverage, Empire Property Management charges $75 per hour for the eviction process. In comparison, this is very inexpensive when compared to an attorney who would charge $300 an hour.

A typical eviction in the Columbia market would average these costs:

Without Eviction Assurance: Without Eviction Assurance:
Initial Notice to Vacate $150 Covered
Eviction Filing with Magistrate
$100 Covered
Court Fees for Justice of the Peace
$121 – No Limit Covered
Court Appearance for Owner
$150 – No Limit ($75 per hour)
Tenant Move Out Fee (Meeting Sheriff) $350 Covered
Remove All Tenant Possessions $1,000 + Covered
Lock Change Required by Law $150 - $300 Covered
Move Out and Cleaning $550 Covered
TOTAL: $2,500 + to $5,000 NO CHARGE

With EVICTION ASSURANCE – Empire Property Management will cover ALL of the above costs incurred from an eviction on your behalf. For $10.00 per month – owners can assure they will not be hit with an unexpected cost of $2,500 or more!

This program will only cover the initial charges in removing the tenant and for the basic clean out. Any damages incurred by the tenant from normal wear and tear, or intentional destruction, will not be covered. Eviction Assurance is only offered to owners who have allowed Empire Property Management to properly screen their tenants through our application process, and those tenants that complete a lease agreement both written and executed with Empire.

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Empire improves its clients’ financial results through careful expense control and planning. Both short and long term considerations are taken into account when preparing each management plan. Monthly and annual reporting keep clients well informed about the current & planned status of the facility. To ensure a timely response to their emergency needs, all occupants and clients have access to a member of our staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In short, our clients’ needs are met through:

  • Fast, 24 hour responsiveness to maintenance requests
  • Efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Maintaining the property image
  • Good communication & relationships with the occupants and vendors
  • Safeguarding the property assets
  • Controlling expenses
  • Accurate & timely reporting