Preventative Maintenance Service Program

This program has been designed to assist with the standard maintenance requirements for single family homes. It is recommended that the below list of household items will be serviced twice per year for maximum efficiency. We can offer this program for an Annual rate of $140.00 for TWO service calls per year, or an As Needed call for $75 per service trip.

**Spring Service** March – April
**Fall Service** October – November

  • HVAC Service Call
    • Ensure Home Has A Recently Changed AC Filter (Possible Tenant Charge)
    • Date the AC Filter as Inspected
    • Run Unit to Ensure HVAC is Performing Within Guidelines
    • Inspect Inside and Outside Unit Insulation Lines
    • Check Refrigerant Levels for Any Leaks
    • Clean coils and Clear drain line
  • Inspect and Test Smoke Detectors – (Additional Charge if Inoperable)
  • As Requested Per Service Call: $75.00
  • Bi-Annual (2 per year) Service Call: $140.00


  • AC Filter Replacement (Max 3 Filters): $25.00
  • Smoke Detector Batteries (Name Brand): $5.00 per battery
  • Drain Water Heater and Refill: $45.00
  • Gutter Cleaning – Remove Excess Debris (Estimate Provided for Approval)
  • Refresh Landscaping and Fertilize Yard (Estimate Provided for Approval)
  • Deck Pressure Wash - Stain or Seal (Estimate Provided for Approval)
  • Privacy Fence Pressure Wash – Stain or Seal (Estimate Provided for Approval)
  • Interior Caulking All Wet Areas and Countertops (Estimate Provided for Approval)
  • Exterior Caulking and Painting – Trim and Garage Door Trim (Estimate Provided)
  • Estimates Available for Any Further Suggested Maintenance

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