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DIY management can lead to landlord nightmares, and today we’re talking about why property management in Columbia, SC isn’t always easy for the DIY landlord.

Most self-managers think that DIY property management is as easy as placing a tenant and collecting rent every month. It’s not always going to be that lovely, and you need to be prepared.

Property Management Columbia SC: Tenants Who Don’t Pay Rent

In some instances, people won’t pay their rent when it’s due, and your question is – how do you get them to pay? You need to know the laws, and you must understand what kinds of actions you need to take to get the rent paid.

Property Management Columbia SC: Midnight Phone Calls

What happens at 2:00 am when something breaks and the tenant is calling you and blowing your phone up, and they want someone out to the property to fix it immediately? Do you have the resources you need to make that happen? It’s also important that you can distinguish between an actual emergency and something the tenants just want you to do. I have learned that tenants are more apt to take advantage of a DIY landlord. They have a direct line to the owner, and it’s easy to exploit that. They don’t tend to take advantage of professional management companies, because they know we know the law. That results in fewer calls and demands.

Property Management Columbia SC: Landlord Tenant Act

Knowing how to manage a property means understanding the Landlord Tenant Act. This is the law that guides how to handle the tenant relationship. It covers what the tenants’ rights are, and what the owners’ rights are. When you hire a professional property management company, they keep you within the law, and you won’t face litigation. They will also make sure all your repairs are done in a timely manner, within the course of the law.

If you have a tenant you can’t get out, we have a Landlord Rescue program. We can help you remove the tenants who aren’t paying, and we’ll replace those residents with highly qualified tenants who will pay rent on time, take care of the property, and follow the terms of your lease. This takes the stress off you and prevents landlord nightmares.

If you have any questions about the benefits of professional Columbia, SC property management, please contact us at Empire Property Management Group.