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Damage Protection Program $10 per month

Worry no more about damages or security deposits amounts

Physical Damage to your rental property, caused by a tenant continues to be a top concern for landlords. We offer a unique program to protect your home from tenant damage that you won't find with any other property management company in Columbia SC.

Typical homeowner's insurance is often insufficient due to high deductibles and exclusions for damage that is non-accidental. That's where the Property Protection comes in.

By enrolling your rental property into the Property Damage Protection Plan, your home is covered for up to $1,500.00 for direct cost of property damage caused by the tenant. Your property will be covered for any damages deemed to be of tenant responsibility. But, not for such items determined to be of normal wear and tear and/or owner responsibility.


John Doe enrolled his property into the Damage Assurance Program and has a $1000 security deposit on his property. His tenants have caused $2500 worth of damage that isn’t normal wear and tear. This leaves $1500 of unexpected repair bills. In this example, Empire Property Management will schedule the necessary repairs so that the property can be brought back to its rentable condition at no additional cost to the owner.

Enrollment into any Owner Protection Programs is permitted only for leases initiated and executed within the first 30 days of the Property Management Agreement. These Protection Programs are not offered by any other property management company in Columbia.

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